What we provide

Our services

We manufacture Control Panels, MCC’s and Switchboards in addition to our power supply solutions – Where we also provide equipment and service within ATEX/Ex cabinets.

All products delivered by Semicon Power are 100% “owned” by the customer, even when entering a maintenance agreement with Semicon Power, meaning, that all software, for all products can freely be accessed or purchased by the customer. This ensures, the customers own service and maintenance teams can access the PSU or UPS to change certain parameters or perform certain service, with remote help from Semicon Power, if necessary.  

Semicon Power has a wide package of solutions for most power supply needs.


We accept the challenge… Your challenge is what motivate us to finding and designing the best solutions.


Quality and good craftmanship is what defines our workshop. For Semicon Power it is a must to always deliver a high level of quality in all our work.


We offer a service to assemble products that are not produced by Semicon Power.

What we provide

Service and maintenance

The staff of Semicon Power, has a lot of experience developing and designing UPS-systems, Chargers, Inverters, Static- and Mechanical Switches (SSW & EMS), Frequency Converters, DC/DC-Converters, therefore we can perform maintenance on a wide range of UPS-systems and PSU´s, as well as batteries. Likewise, we can perform capacity test.

We can also perform maintenance and service on PSU´s build into ATEX cabinets or panels and eventually we can perform re-certification on several of these boxes – if components need to be changed, we can do this in cooperation with the manufacturers.

Semicon Power also has staff with offshore certificates and can perform the same maintenance offshore as onshore.

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